We are Green Castle.
Custom VR/AR Specialist, Application Development and Games Studio

Producing mobile & web app solutions, mobile and PC game development, and cutting edge experiences in the latest VR and AR technologies.

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Be it Application, Game or Web Site design we have the experience to deliver.


We can provide rapid prototyping to test your app and game concepts early.
Repetitive tasks sapping your energy? Your process or pipeline full of manual steps? We can help there too!


We have experience across platforms. So whether it is Mobile, Web, Desktop, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality we've got you covered!


We love to collaborate so if you do too then join our community and have your say!

We have created bespoke accounting solutions and also integrated with KashFlow, Xero, and other major accounting platforms.
We have experience building complex Risk Assessment systems for Industry and Petro-chemical plants.
We have built collaborative control of work systems for high risk industries.
We have extensive knowledge of Video streaming platforms allowing for integrated screen sharing and video conferencing experiences and secure storage and encryption.
Our developers have worked on projects covering a range of banking software from branch systems to fraud detection.
We have created VR training systems that mimic the work environment where complex tasks to be practiced and user learn from their mistakes. Users are then familiar with their environment, equipment and processes, allowing them to focus on the job at hand.
We are working with companies to build and simulate process and plant machinery allowing whole systems to be experimented with in a simulated environment.

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